NEW RELEASE: The Gospel Restored

We would like to announce our newest title – The Gospel Restored by Walter Scott – is now available.

The Gospel Restored (cover)Originally published in 1836, this book contains an in-depth discourse about God’s plan of redemption.

Walter Scott (1796-1861) was one of the leading figures in the beginning of the Restoration Movement. He was known as the “Golden Oracle” for his ability to captivate audiences as he proclaimed the ancient gospel. He employed the “five finger exercise” to help his audiences – children and adults – remember the gospel message (faith, repentance, baptism, remission of sins, gift of the Holy Spirit).

The Gospel Restored is a discourse of the true gospel of Christ. As Scott stated in the preface, professing Christians had “unhappily strayed from the scriptures and true Christianity.” Therefore, he said there was “no remedy…but a return to original ground.” This return to the “Ancient Order” is the purpose for which this volume was written.

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The Greatest Man in the World

Men of Yesterday

The greatest man in the world is he who is most like the Savior of men; who lays all his honors, gifts and attainments at the feet of Jesus, and gives him all the glory. It is he who abounds in all goodness, purity and godly fear. It is he whose soul is moved at the wretchedness of mankind, and is only concerned to see men redeemed and God glorified through Jesus Christ. It is he who has the least taste, and is least attracted by the things admired and pursued by the giddy, gay, ungodly world of mankind, while he glories in the Lord.

—Walter Scott

The above post is an excerpt from the book, Men of Yesterday: A Series of Character Sketches of Prominent Men Among the Disciples of Christ by Thomas W. Grafton. Follow the link to learn more about the book and purchase your copy today!

NEW RELEASE: Men of Yesterday

We would like to announce our newest title – Men of Yesterday: A Series of Character Sketches of Prominent Men Among the Disciples of Christ by Thomas W. Grafton – is now available.

Men of Yesterday (cover)Originally published in 1899, Men of Yesterday contains six brief biographies of some prominent figures in the Restoration Movement.

  1. Walter Scott (1796-1861)
  2. Barton W. Stone (1772-1844)
  3. John Smith (1784-1868)
  4. Isaac Errett (1820-1889)
  5. Barton W. Johnson (1833-1894)
  6. Otis A. Burgess (1829-1882)

By the time this material was originally published, the issues that had caused controversy among brethren in the Restoration Movement (the missionary society and instrumental music) had been thoroughly debated and the division between conservative and progressive brethren was all but “official.” The author of this material wrote from the perspective of the progressive Disciples of Christ. Benjamin L. Smith, who wrote the introduction to this book, was the Secretary of the American Christian Missionary Society. There are sections of the book in which the author’s bias against the conservative brethren is evident. Even so, this material contains valuable historical information about six prominent figures in the Restoration Movement and is being made available to the reader for this reason.

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