Not One Gospel Fact, Command, or Promise

Men of Yesterday

For several years past, I have stood pledged to meet the religious world, or any part of it, on the ancient Gospel and order of things, as presented in the words of the Book. This is the foundation on which Christians once stood, and on it they can, and ought to, stand again. From this I can not depart to meet any man, or set of men, in the wide world. While, for the sake of peace and Christian union, I have long since waived the public maintenance of any speculation I may hold, yet not one Gospel fact, command, or promise, will I surrender for the world.

—John Smith

The above post is an excerpt from the book, Men of Yesterday: A Series of Character Sketches of Prominent Men Among the Disciples of Christ by Thomas W. Grafton. Follow the link to learn more about the book and purchase your copy today!

NEW RELEASE: Men of Yesterday

We would like to announce our newest title – Men of Yesterday: A Series of Character Sketches of Prominent Men Among the Disciples of Christ by Thomas W. Grafton – is now available.

Men of Yesterday (cover)Originally published in 1899, Men of Yesterday contains six brief biographies of some prominent figures in the Restoration Movement.

  1. Walter Scott (1796-1861)
  2. Barton W. Stone (1772-1844)
  3. John Smith (1784-1868)
  4. Isaac Errett (1820-1889)
  5. Barton W. Johnson (1833-1894)
  6. Otis A. Burgess (1829-1882)

By the time this material was originally published, the issues that had caused controversy among brethren in the Restoration Movement (the missionary society and instrumental music) had been thoroughly debated and the division between conservative and progressive brethren was all but “official.” The author of this material wrote from the perspective of the progressive Disciples of Christ. Benjamin L. Smith, who wrote the introduction to this book, was the Secretary of the American Christian Missionary Society. There are sections of the book in which the author’s bias against the conservative brethren is evident. Even so, this material contains valuable historical information about six prominent figures in the Restoration Movement and is being made available to the reader for this reason.

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