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Sincerity and the Way to Heaven

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Title: Sincerity and the Way to Heaven: The Story of a Young Man Searching for the Truth in a World of Religious Confusion

Author: Benjamin Franklin and Daniel Sommer

Sincerity and the Way to Heaven (cover)Summary:

Benjamin Franklin (1812-1878) was an influential leader among conservative brethren in the Restoration Movement. Much of his influence came as through his work as editor of the American Christian Review – a paper he started in 1856 and continued as the editor until his death.

Daniel Sommer (1850-1940), a protégé of Franklin, also became a leading voice opposing innovations like the missionary society and instrumental music among the disciples. A few years after Franklin’s death, he purchased the American Christian Review and continued that work – changing the paper’s name to Octographic Review, and then later Apostolic Review.

Sincerity and the Way to Heaven contains two stories about a young man searching for the truth in a world of religious confusion. The first is Franklin’s original story – Sincerity Seeking the Way to Heaven – about how this young man learned to obey the gospel. The second is the sequel that Sommer wrote to the original – Sincerity Teaching the Way to Heaven – which discusses how this young man dealt with the innovations that had crept in among the disciples in the 19th century.

Format: Paperback

Price: $9.99 (Special offer of 10% off through 3/31/20)

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