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A House Built by God

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Title: A House Built by God: A Collection of Essays Discussing the Biblical Teaching about the Home

Author: Luci Partain

A House Built by God (cover)Summary:

The home is the most fundamental unit of society, having been perfectly designed by God in the beginning. Yet the home as God designed it has been under attack by our godless culture. Divorce has become rampant, sexual purity has been disregarded, gender roles have been ignored, and God has been forgotten in many households. As the home breaks down, it negatively affects society for generations and even impacts the Lord’s church.

A home must be built on seeking God, His instruction, His love, and His principles of righteousness. Sister Luci Partain has written extensively in defense of God’s design for the home. This book contains a collection of essays on this topic, showing how we can work to have a house built by God today.

Format: Paperback

Price: $13.69 (Only $10 through 8/24/20)

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