New Release: Was Jesus a Liberal?

We are happy to announce the release of a new ebook by Andy Sochor – Was Jesus a Liberal?

What is This Material About?

Was Jesus a Liberal? (cover)Some like to try to make the claim that Jesus was a Liberal. But what exactly does it mean? Is it a fair description of our Lord? This ebook begins with the description of self-avowed Liberals who try to make Jesus fit into their worldview. It uses their definition of what makes one a “Liberal” and puts their claim to the test to see if Jesus is who they want Him to be.

This material examines Jesus’ approach to Scripture, events in His life, and various teachings of His law to see if Jesus fits the definition of what it means to be “liberal.”

As Jesus is to be our example, this material is also useful in determining whether or not we should have a “liberal” mindset in matters of religion.

Was Jesus a Liberal? is available in Kindle format. You can purchase it directly from Amazon for just $0.99!

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