NEW RELEASE: The Church of Christ

We would like to announce our newest title – The Church of Christ by Tolbert Fanning – is now available.

The Church of Christ (cover)Tolbert Fanning (1810-1874) was one of the early figures in the Restoration Movement and had a strong impact on brethren in the South. He began preaching early in his life and at one point traveled with Alexander Campbell, preaching through Ohio, Canada, and New England. He established Franklin College near Nashville and co-founded the Gospel Advocate, a journal that continues to be published today.

In The Church of Christ, Fanning addressed the issue of “church polity,” including the views among the denominations regarding their chosen form of church government. He articulated his view of the role of preachers and elders in the church today. His thought-provoking explanation of the organization of the church provides us with an opportunity to search the Scriptures and examine our understanding on this subject.

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This is the twenty-third release in our Ancient Landmarks Collection. This collection is made up of materials that have been produced by those associated with the Restoration Movement. More titles will be added to this collection in the future. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of new releases.

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