Leave a Review and You Could Win a Free Book!

Leave a review

Have you read one (or more) of our books? If so, we would love for you to leave a review! This helps others determine whether a particular book will be useful, interesting, or valuable to them.

Right now, for a limited time, when you leave a review you will be entered into a drawing to receive a FREE BOOK!

All you have to do is visit the Gospel Armory Store online, find the book you wish to review, scroll down to where you see “Reviews,” and submit your review (be sure to include your name and email address so we can contact you if you win). Your review can be just a sentence or two, or as long as you wish.

Plus, the more reviews we receive, the more books we will give away. We will give away at least one book (even if we only receive one review). But for every ten reviews submitted, we will give away one additional book to another winner.

If you want to leave a review for more than one book, that’s even better! You can review as many books as you like (but please limit it to books you’ve read or previewed in some way*). Each new review will count as one entry into the drawing (you won’t be eligible to win more than one book, but you will increase your odds of winning with each additional review).

To be entered into the drawing to receive a free book, all you need to do is submit your review(s) in the Gospel Armory Store between now and the end of November. Then on December 1st, the winner(s) will be chosen. The winner(s) will then be contacted and can choose ANY BOOK we’ve published as their free book.

So leave a book review (or two, or more) between now and November 30, 2021 for your chance to receive a FREE BOOK from Gospel Armory!


* Reviews that are very generic or vague (such as “Good book” or “It was OK”) will not be eligible for the drawing. The review has to indicate that you actually read or previewed the book.