The Root of the Problem: Chapter 2 – “We’re Only Human” (Excerpt)

Man has repeatedly shown a preference to sin – some on occasion, some perpetually. But everyone has done it. When considering this fact, many get discouraged, thinking that there must be no way to overcome sin. “We’re only human” is the excuse that is given (as if this somehow justifies one’s actions).

One of the fundamental tenets of Calvinism is the inherent sinfulness of man. Calvin’s doctrine of total depravity is the belief that we are born in such a state that we are totally corrupt, inclined toward sin, and unable to do what is right on our own. The doctrine states that one cannot even come to God without a direct operation of the Holy Spirit upon his heart.

Yet the Bible teaches something very different than Calvin. “God made men upright, but they have sought out many devices” (Ecclesiastes 7:29). When we sin, it is because we choose to sin. It is not because we are unable to help ourselves since God failed to do something that would keep us from sinning. Calvin’s doctrine takes the blame for sin away from the one who commits it and places it upon God for not regenerating the sinner.

It is true that we are human. But this is not an excuse for sin. Granted, as long as we live, we will have the potential to sin. But that does not excuse or justify it. We still must make the choice: to do good or do evil. (p. 6-7)

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