NEW: 10 Packs

10 Packs

For some time now, Gospel Armory has been offering a bulk discount (25% off the retail price) when you order ten or more copies of any book. This discount is still available, but now we have another special discount.

There are a few of our books that are particularly useful for evangelism/outreach purposes and/or for helping new Christians become grounded in the faith. You can now get these select books in 10-packs for an extra low price – over 33% off the retail price! Now you can order these books in packs of ten from the Gospel Armory Store and get this special discount.

The following books are available in these 10 packs:

The Way: What it Means to Be a Disciple of Jesus by Andy Sochor – Several times in the book of Acts, Jesus’ disciples were identified as “The Way.” A way denotes that we are going in a certain direction toward some destination. This is the essence of discipleship – following Jesus wherever He leads. This book examines what it means for us to be disciples of Jesus by looking at what the New Testament says about “The Way.”

Why Am I Here? by Devin Roush – Why am I here? All of us have asked this question. We search for meaning. We seek for a purpose. We want to have something worth living for. How can we find it? The Bible provides us with the answers we are seeking. It reveals where we came from, why we exist, and where we are going. But can we trust the Bible? The material in this short volume is designed to demonstrate the trustworthiness of the book we call the Bible and explain, in easy to understand language, what the Bible’s message is for us.

Basic Bible Truths: Laying a Foundation for a Lifetime of Spiritual Growth and Service by Andy Sochor – This book addresses some fundamental Bible topics including the church, the plan of salvation, Bible authority, and more. These lessons are for non-Christians, new Christians, and also for more mature Christians who are seeking to teach these basic Bible truths to others.

You can order these 10 packs directly from the Gospel Armory Store. Follow the links above to read more about these books, download samples, and purchase your copies today!

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