The Great Conspiracy – Now Available for Pre-Order

The Great Conspiracy (cover)The newest title from Gospel Armory, The Great Conspiracy: How Satan and His Ministers are Corrupting God’s Plan to Save, is scheduled to be released on April 24, 2012. But you can pre-order your copy (or copies*) today.

This book deals with the vitally important issue of salvation, primarily by confronting the common false teachings about baptism. It contrasts God’s plan to save (as is outlined in the Scriptures) with man’s plan to save. The common arguments made against the necessity of water baptism are answered. The reasons why baptism is so vehemently attacked are also addressed.

This material is valuable for Christians striving to be prepared to teach others. It is also concise enough that it can easily be handed out to potential converts as a teaching tool.

Pre-order today and we will send you your book (or books*) as soon as they are available for shipping.

*A bulk discount is available for anyone wanting to get a larger quantity. More details here.

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