Now Concerning the Collection – Now Available

We are happy to announce a new title available from Gospel Armory – Now Concerning the Collection: A Study of Giving.

Now Concerning the Collection

This is a 32-page booklet that provides an in-depth study of giving which includes the following:

  • The proper practice of giving as found in the New Testament.
  • The authority for a church treasury.
  • The authorized use of the collected funds (the work of the church).
  • Historical errors related to giving and the use of the church treasury: institutionalism and the sponsoring church arrangement.
  • The fellowship implications of giving.
  • The difference between giving and tithing.
  • The proper attitude in giving.
  • Right motivations for giving.
  • New Testament examples that teach us about giving.

For more information, or to purchase a copy, click here: Now Concerning the Collection: A Study of Giving.

We are also excited to announce that this material is available on Amazon’s Kindle. If you are a Kindle user, or use one of the free Kindle apps for your computer or smart phone, you can get a copy of the ebook for just $0.99. Visit Amazon’s website to order Now Concerning the Collection for the Kindle.

We will be releasing more material for the Kindle in the future.

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