God’s Way or Our Way

The True Church of the Bible

Most of us deplore division in the church. We plead for unity based on the Bible, but in practice a lot of us insist on unity based on our personal whims. Although we dare not compromise principles of right for any purpose, we must be willing to compromise in the realm of human judgment. Many congregations that have been ripped apart with bitterness and turmoil could have remained united if certain people had swallowed their pride, shown willingness to admit wrong, extended forgiveness, learned to keep their mouths shut, tended to their own affairs, shown brotherly love, exercised patience, and talked about staying together instead of “starting a new work” (a pretense for leaving). God’s word teaches that unity is desirable, and it reveals how such unity can be attained.

Through the ages many have caused divisions and hindrances by teaching what is contrary to the doctrine of Christ (Romans 16:17). As David Lipscomb well expressed it, “All human teachings, inventions, and institutions are occasions of discord, stumbling, and division … The hearts of those who add human inventions are not right in the sight of God” (Commentary on Ephesians 4:3).

Each Christian can make his contribution to the unity of the church by walking according to God’s pattern, teaching others to walk by the divine rule, rejecting everything contrary to the Scriptures, maintaining the right attitude, and humbly endeavoring to promote and preserve the unity of the Spirit. It all boils down to whether we have the resolve to do it God’s way, or demand “our” way. What are you doing to maintain unity in this church? What more can you do?

The above post is an excerpt from the book, The True Church of the Bible: Examining the Error of Denominationalism by Carey W. Scott. Follow the link to learn more about the book and purchase your copy today!

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