Deals of the Month (March 2019)

Deals of the Month (March 2019)

Check out these special offers now available in the Gospel Armory Store. These prices are good through 3/31/19.

Success at Bible Teaching by Sam Binkley, Jr. and Martin M. Broadwell – $9.99 $7.99

Teaching has always had an important place in God’s plan. With the emphasis that the Bible places upon teaching, every Christian should want to be a teacher and should want to be the best teacher possible. This material discusses the need for Christians to develop the ability to teach others, how the Bible can be used as a teacher-training manual, principles of learning, teaching techniques, and how to teach various age groups. There are discussion activities at the end of each lesson to help facilitate participation when using this material in a class setting.

The Real Pharisees by Andy Sochor – $6.99 $5.59

It is common to hear the label of “Pharisee” used in a derogatory way against those who emphasize Bible authority, encourage careful obedience to the Lord’s instructions, and refuse to extend fellowship beyond the Scriptural limits. However, before we draw parallels between people today and the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, we need to understand the reasons why the Pharisees were wrong. By doing this, we can see who the real Pharisees are today. They are probably not who we would expect.

To Sum the Whole Thing Up: A Collection of Writings by J. C. Roady – $14.99 $11.99

This is a collection of writings containing three booklets published by J. C. Roady (1887-1976) – What the Church of Christ Believes and Teaches and Why It Teaches It, The Plea of the Church of Christ, and Christ and His Church – in addition to several articles of his that were published in the Apostolic Review. Even today, his writings are a valuable resource for Bible students to learn about the church and other topics.

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