Deals of the Month (February 2019)

Deals of the Month (February 2019)

Check out these special offers now available in the Gospel Armory Store. These prices are good through 2/28/19.

NEW: Identifying the Lord’s Church by Andy Sochor – $5.99 $5.00

Jesus told His disciples that He would build His church. Yet there are a countless number of churches that exist in the world today. How can we find the one that Jesus built? This book has been written to help you identify the Lord’s church today. In order to do this, we will consider four questions. By answering these four questions, you will be in a position to be able to identify – and become a part of – the Lord’s church today.

The Evils of Socialism (Updated Edition) W. F. Lemmons – $9.99 $7.99

This book was written in 1912 and addressed this movement in the United States. Though this was seen by some as exclusively a political topic, Lemmons addressed it from a Biblical perspective and showed how Socialism is rooted in atheism and is opposed to the Bible and the church. This book contains valuable historical information as well as instruction on Biblical principles regarding this political movement that continues to challenge God’s people today.

Basic Bible Truths: Laying a Foundation for a Lifetime of Spiritual Growth and Service by Andy Sochor – $8.99 $6.99

This book addresses some fundamental Bible topics including the church, the plan of salvation, Bible authority, and more. These lessons are for non-Christians, new Christians, and also for more mature Christians who are seeking to teach these basic Bible truths to others.

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