No Subject So Vital as the Death of Christ

There is no subject so vital to man as the death of Christ.—The designs of his death are interwoven with all the designs of the universe, and are replete with the temporal, spiritual, and eternal destinies of man. Christ crucified is the most transcendent mystery in the moral dominions of God. Its power is the mainspring of all heavenly impulses, and it is itself the consummation of all divine wisdom and prudence. As all earthly waters arise from the ocean and descend to it, so the deep and the high counsels of God issue in this mysterious fact and emanate from it.

—Alexander Campbell

The above post is an excerpt from the book, Atonement: An Exchange in the Millennial Harbinger (1840-1841) by Barton W. Stone and Alexander Campbell. Follow the link to learn more about the book and purchase your copy today!

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