What’s the Best Teaching Technique to Use?

Success at Bible Teaching

Many times people will ask, “What’s the best teaching technique to use?” That’s a lot like asking a housewife, “What’s the best cooking utensil to use?” The best technique to use is the one that works the best with the subject being taught, the students being taught and the ability of the person doing the teaching. There are some measures, however. The best techniques are those that get the most involvement, provide the teacher and the learner with the most and best feedback possible, and fit the time limits of the class period. The more the students are involved, the better the pacing will be for their individual learning. The more the teacher does, the more the pacing is set for the teaching instead of the learning. When the teacher does all the talking, time is constant and learning is the variable, since each student learns at a different pace, but the teacher is putting out the information at only one rate. As the students get more and more involved, the pace becomes more suited to their individual needs, and can even vary with each person participating. Now learning is becoming constant while time may vary from one student to the next.

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